dimanche 28 mars 2010

La Palmeraie 4 different Baobabs trees - 30 meters - Low prim - Shadows par Clara Young - Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

La Palmeraie 4 different Baobabs trees - 30 meters - Low prim - Shadows par Clara Young - Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

Since I started to created trees and landscapes in Second Life, people asked me about Baobabs. So finally, they came to my todo list ! And there they are.
This box is a mix of the 4 kinds of baobabs you can find at La Palmeraie : holly baobabs, baobabs in love, green and dry, and the massive green baobab.
They are 30 meters tall, and you can complete them according to your taste with the other boxes of higher baobabs.

mercredi 25 février 2009

The 4 seasons in boxes :garden, forest for your lands or skyboxes...

Are you a fortunate land owner in second life ? Do you rent or own a small piece of island, a sim, or just a skybox up there ? Thoses boxes were created for you, no matter what you own...

The 4 different themes, spring garden, summer forest, autumn & winter includes a lot of items, low prims that you an use as it is, or dispatch in different areas... Trres, waterfalls, flowers, rivers, sounds, rocks, animated items... Come to visit them in our demo plateform on La Palmeraie 4 seasons.
And if you see it here on the blog, send an IM with the code 245, and will be offer to refund a special 10% discount on the purchase of any of those boxes.

vendredi 20 février 2009

Close/Apart : 2 new double palms with hammock & couple animations

I was in Miami a few days ago. Returning to the cold Parisian weather, I was dreaming of those palm trees, welcoming those rope hammocks, so I decided to create them. They are 27 prims each, but really bring a touch of originality on your land... Come to see them at La Palmeraie 4 seasons, in the tropical section close to the beach...

dimanche 1 février 2009

Launching of the magazine HOUSES & GARDENS inSL

Lately I had a conversation with Anne Marie Peretti. She is specialized in Italian fashion, and created a beautiful magazine called BeStyle

It was not the first time I red a magazine in SL, but I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the quality of BeStyle and I thought... if fashion can do it... we could do it too !!

I had noticed that most of the magazines I see or I read on SL are about fashion or people, but nothing about our cozy cozy lands and homes....
So a few days later, there I am,  launching this new magazine HOUSES & GARDENS inSL, ...
and that had been a great experience, from writing to publishing, and making it, just bring more and more ideas.... . I hope it will be for you, readers, also a nice one. 

HOUSES & GARDENS inSL is dedicated to land, and all what grows on land, from raw files to the small fish you drop into your pond, going thru flowers and trees, houses and home-office furnitures !!!

You'll find in it tips and tricks, interviews, trends and special offers. I hope, in the next issue, we'll also have links to video tutorials and more web information.

You can take one issue from any kiosk you will find in second life, or on XstreetSL. You can also copy any of the kiosk you see inworld to put one in your shop, café or lands.  Like at our shop La Palmeraie or at the great The Hammerwielder Newsstand created by Calixus Voom.

If you are interested to advertise in our next issue, contact me inworld.

mardi 20 janvier 2009

And now... the Second Life or President Barack Obama !

Wow, that is such a great day for the United States ! I wish I could really be able to see and feel that, but thanks to the television, to the phone calls with my american friends, and to the internet streams, we could get a little bit of it here in Paris ! And I guess, a lot of you, and especially those that were really involved into the official or unofficial Campain headquarters here in SL, were so happy ! I am also thinking of you, Dexter Oherlihy from Hawai, who was the first person to tell me about Barack Obama. Aloha to you my friend, wherever you are now...

There is so much hopes projected in that person, that hopefully he can accomplished the job and help to make the world better.

One of the strength of the Obama campain was the way they so smartly used the power of new medias, and I wonder now, how they will continue using them. Will virtual worlds be a part of the evolution of the democracy ? They could be in so many ways... and education is the head of it.

Here in France, sometimes I feel we live in the middle ages, with so much resistances to the change. And sometimes, I also feel we can bring something to the change also... You are leading the way, as you often did in history. I am glad I was here to see that...

lundi 12 janvier 2009

The reasons of this blog

Is that one more blog about Second Life ? I hope not... I will try to make it a place where I communicate and share with all of you, residents, customers, second life researchers, new medias fans or whoever you are.

English is not my native language, so please excuse me if sometimes my posts dont look totally right. You know our language shape our mind, and I know that sometimes, the frame of my french mind comes out my worlds !! But english is such a great language to communicate above all borders and cultures. 

I always was a curious researcher, and that is how I entered into Second Life. In 2006, I went back to  university in Paris for learning about individual coaching, as my work was regularly putting me in situations where I had to conduct a person into a process. I decided to write my "thesis" on "Distant Coaching, or how new technologies can participate into human accompaniement process".  After I tested different technics, I ended up finishing this work in virtual worlds. I entered into Second Life on Dec, 2nd 2006, to finish my paper, started to explore running after money trees, met my first friend ab Vanmoer, and bought my first land 1024 sqm to Anshe Shung. And then I was caught....

Being caught in SL does not mean only addiction. It means that slowly slowly I could see in Second Life, a lot of ways to deploy, create, imagine, new ways of communication, and the opening of a new economy. And I knew I wanted to be part of it, at least for sometimes. And there I am, entering my third year in Second Life.

I started by what was the easiest thing to do in Second Life at that time : selling and buying lands, under the brand FEEL AT HOME. This job has 2 advantages : first I would make the money to pay the tiers to create my own village and an international community, which I did on Tulip Island, second I would meet a lot of people from all over  the world and people of all kind. Actually, when I think of it, it was much more than this. Doing all this, I also learn to terraform, to build, to manage scripts in objects.

For me, Second Life has to be seen as a trempolino to develop real life and I used it in that matter, with my work or my relationships. So not only was I lucky meeting really nice people that are now friends in real life as Gabriel Pirandello (Master Quatro) and Kigh Kline. But I also started to bridge my real life and second life work, starting by the Swiss Stem Cells Bank project with Contactum2000 Allen, and later with the FrontRange Cebit Booth or the National Realtor Association offices.

I think I always created objects, but after one year in SL, I started to sell them. I started by beds and home furniture, then business furnitures, then clothes, until I found what I really like : landscaping items, plants, trees and raw files. I opened La Palmeraie in May 2008, and this was right away a great success. But not only.

Whatever subject I work on in Second Life,  I would apply exactly the same care I would do for a real life project  (as for example a website) : branding, ergonomy, user experience, marketing are fundamental to succeed in second life too...

And actually, I should have create this blog much earlier, but you all know if you are in Second Life, that we woud need a third life to do all what we want to do !

I will stop for today, and take time to developp all of those subjects in the next weeks. 

So finally,  this blog will be a link, a bridge, a corridor. I will be happy to answer all questions and participate in debates that will all help you to make a better life, first or second !